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Asbestaway was established in Cork, Ireland in 2002. The Company has become a reputable competent asbestos removal and disposal contractor both in Cork and nationwide. We are on the approved contractors list of the OPW and the HSE City and county councils across Ireland as well as many of the larger building and civil contracting firms in Ireland

We have completed an extensive range of projects involving many challenges in the process of removing and disposing of asbestos and can proudly say our projects have been carried out to the highest standard of safety for our clients by our fully trained and competent staff.

Projects completed include many of our local and national schools, colleges, hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings as well as a range of domestic works and works carried out on behalf of both large and small contracting companies around Ireland.

These would typically involve removal and disposal of:

  • Corrugated roof sheeting containing asbestos

  • Asbestos containing roof tiles, guttering and down pipes

  • Chimney flues

  • Rope seals in boiler doors and old range cookers

  • Sink pads

  • Asbestos insulation board (used in many applications both domestic and industrial) In fully controlled conditions

  • Vinyl Floor tiles (with underlying bitumen/adhesive)

  • Pipe lagging/insulation

  • Boilers

  • Contaminated Soil

  • Environmental cleaning of areas where asbestos has either been dumped illegally or removed illegally.

For more information on Asbestaway to enquire about any of our services simply contact a member of our team today. Our range of asbestos removal, disposal and roof cleaning services are available to clients all across Cork and nationwide. 

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While asbestos removal companies are governed under licence in the UK, licensing is not a requirement for asbestos removal companies in Ireland. We would welcome a change in legislation in this regard and feel that more regulations are necessary to ensure that even low risk materials are being removed under strict guidelines.

Asbestaway has set up its own stringent in-house controls and guidelines to maintain the highest possible standards in asbestos removal, handling, transport and disposal.

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