​Maintaining an Asbestos Roof

If you discover asbestos in your premises then you are legally required to either remove the asbestos or put in place a plan to ensure that the asbestos is managed and maintained in a safe state. Asbestos only becomes dangerous when it is disturbed and the harmful fibres become airborne. Maintaining your asbestos roof can be difficult to do, but at Asbestaway we have perfected our three step management approach.


The first step in asbestos maintenance is to clean the roof. Power washing an asbestos roof can give rise to airborne fibres and is generally not recommend b the HSA. At Asbestaway we combine our years of knowledge and specialised equipment which allows us to wash your roof safely. Our in-depth safety procedure ensures minimal disruption to the asbestos and removes any water which may have become contaminated by the asbestos. The contaminated water is filtered through HEPA filters and the solids are disposed of as asbestos waste.


Encapsulation is a modern and cost-effective treatment where the roof is encased in a protective material. This encasement prevents the fibres from becoming airborne and the asbestos roof is completely sealed. Internal and external encapsulation eliminates the need for costly removal and disposal of the asbestos as well as providing a long term management solution.


Liquid Roofing Systems

Liquid roofing systems involve the application of a liquid-based locating that forms a flexible waterproof membrane to the roof. By waterproofing your asbestos roof you completely eliminate the potential for any water contamination. Asbestaway is an approved applicator of the 3M liquid roofing system and all employees are highly trained in the process. The 3M liquid roofing system is fully guaranteed for up to 30 years, giving you peace of mind protecting everyone from the dangers of asbestos.

For more Information on encapsulation or liquid roofing systems visit our Roofing Services page or contact the Asbestaway team on 021 420 9335

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