Safe Asbestos Removal

The safe removal of asbestos is not an easy job. The task comes with many health and safety risks and there are numerous steps and precautions that must be taken to ensure that our team members, the building's occupants, and the general public are kept safe and unexposed from the dangers of disturbed asbestos.

Asbestway strictly follows all health and safety guidelines at all time, and we take the necessary measurements to ensure that highest safety standards for all involved.

Continuous Training

At Asbestaway, all of our employees undergo regular training and refresher courses. We know that on-going education and training is the best way to ensure that all of our team members are aware of the correct procedures and take the necessary precautions to ensure safety at all times. The health and safety of our employees and our clients is our main concern.

Medical Care 

Each member of the Asbestaway team receives regular medical surveillance and health check ups. The symptoms of asbestos can remain hidden or often go unnoticed, so our top priority is ensuring that our employees' health is monitored closely at all times.

Site Specific Documentation 

Asbestaway provides and completes all required site specific documentation including method statements, risk assessments and follow up administrative paperwork. We also provide all clients with follow up documentation such as disposal certificates and waste transfer forms. These forms are critical to the tracking of removed asbestos and insures both our clients and ourselves that the asbestos has been correctly removed and safely disposed of.

Health & Safety Authority 

Asbestaway has a long history of working closely with the HSA. Depending on the type of asbestos being removed, certain removal projects have to be notified to the HSA. In these cases, we will forward all documentation to the authority on your behalf. In addition, the removal works will be closely monitored by HSA inspectors.

For more Information on how we guarantee safe asbestos removal visit our Asbestos Services page or contact the Asbestaway team on 021 420 9335


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